Separated measure unit and control unit for easy operation.

Advanced divided flow technology, constant temperature control in the testing room.

Large LCD screen with reading of opacity and light absorption coefficient.

Fast warm up, automatic zero and calibration check.

With functions of free acceleration test and dynamic measurement.

RPM and oil temperature measurement.

RS-232 interface.

Optional Micro printer and RPM meter.

Suitable for free Accelerate & LUGDOWN emission test.



Technical Data



Measurement Range

Absolute Accuracy

Opacity (N)




Optical Absorption Coefficient(K)

0.01 m-1

(0~16.08) m-1

0.05 m-1


1 r/min

(300~6000) r/min


Oil Temperature

1 ℃

(0~200) ℃


Gas Temperature

1 ℃

(0~150) ℃


Warm up time

less than 15min

Power Supply

AC (220±22) V, (50±1) Hz, 150W

Efficient length of Optical Path

215 mm

Net Weight

5 kg(Control unit),  6 kg(Measure unit)


Control unit :353×210×248 mm,

Measure unit: 525×332×170 mm

Package Dimension

630×490×432 (mm)


Product features

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