1.Environmental Conditions:

       Temperature:        0°C ~ 40°C

       Relative Humidity:     ≤90%

       Supply Voltage:     AC220V ± 10%,50±1Hz

       Atmospheric Pressure: 86.0 kPa ~110.0kPa

2.Measurement Range:

       Flow:       4~12m3/min

       O2:        0.3~25%vol

       Temperature:   -30°C~150°C

       Pressure:      70.0 kPa ~110.0kPa


       Flow:       0.01m3/min

       O2:        0.1%vol

       Temperature:   0.1°C

       Pressure:      0.1kPa

4.Indicating Value Error:

       Flow:      ±4%(F.S)

       O2:        ±5%(Relative Error)或±0.5%(Absolute Error)

       Temperature: ±1°C

       Pressure:  ±3%(Relative Error)


       Flow:   ±2%(F.S)

       O2:    The difference from standard deviation

              should not be more than 1.5%

6. Preheating Time:(Less than)3min

7.Response time of O2:12s

8.Drift of O2

       Zero point drift:  ±2.5%(F.S)

       Gauge matrix drift:±2.5%(F.S)

9.Power Consumption:1000W

10.Dimensions: 1420mm (Length)×450mm(Width)×900mm (Height)


12.Package(wooden case):1560mm(Length)×750mm(Width)×1050mm (Height)


ML-100 is a core component of VMAS system devices.For measuring the dilution gas flow rate of the exhaust gas of motor vehicle gasoline engine emissions, pressure, temperature, dilute the oxygen concentration.The product features and technical requirements fully meet the requirements of GB 18285 and HJ/T290 of measurement techniques.


▣ Core component of flow measurement tube, with a steady flow of the company's patented technology, the flow measurement accuracy higher repeatability, and better stability.

▣ Using imported ultrasonic sensors, high-precision measurement of gas flow; dilution gas oxygen concentration measurements using imported zirconia; imported high-precision pressure sensor for pressure measurement; measuring technical indicators fully meet the U.S. companies imported flowmeter level.

▣ Recommended using together with MQW-50A 5 gas analzyer, to achieve VMAS inspection.



Product features

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